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You just found your job destination!

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You just found your job destination!

You’re about to apply for a position at Thales Alenia Space. We thank you in advance for the trust you put in our company and wishes you best of luck in the field of this recruitment procedure.

Thales Alenia Space: who are we?

Drawing on a long-standing experience and a unique combination of skills, expertise and cultures, Thales Alenia Space delivers cost-effective solutions for telecommunications, navigation, Earth observation, environmental monitoring, exploration, science and orbital infrastructures. Governments and private industry alike count on Thales Alenia Space to design satellite-based systems that provide anytime, anywhere connections and positioning, monitor our planet, enhance management of its resources, and explore our Solar System and beyond.

At Thales Alenia Space, we believe in space as a new horizon to build a more sustainable Life on Earth, as emphasized by our vision, Space For Life. Space-based solutions contribute to connecting people, bridging the digital divide, navigating efficiently and monitoring our planet.

A joint venture between Thales (67%) and Leonardo (33%), Thales Alenia Space also teams up with Telespazio to form the Space Alliance, which offers a complete range of solutions including services. Thales Alenia Space posted consolidated revenues of approximately 2.2 billion euros in 2022 and has around 8,500 employees in 10 countries with 17 sites in Europe and a Joint Venture in the US.

Thales Alenia Space at a glance: key facts

  • A world leader in telecommunications satellite constellations
  • Leader on the Telecommunications Geostationary market
  • A pioneer in Very High Throughput Satellites & in software-defined ultra-flexible satellites with our new product line, Space INSPIRE
  • A leading actor in defense space solutions, mainly in the frame of military and dual telecommunications, as well as in Earth Observation surveillance thanks to state-of-the-art radar-based and optical capabilities
  • A major industrial partner in space programs dedicated to environment monitoring, oceanography or meteorology
  • A pivotal partner in numerous international sciences and space exploration missions across the Solar System.
  • The world leader in orbital infrastructures
  • At the forefront of satellite navigation in Europe
  • At the heart of numerous New Space programs linked to high revisit Earth observation, on orbit servicing, the Internet of Things and many more.

    In order to become undisputed leaders in all space domains, we want to Think big!  Think big also refers to thinking outside the box, being open to new ideas, to new ways of working… Sometimes, the best solutions – faster, cheaper, more efficient - can be found outside our company, through strategic partnerships with newspace startups for instance. Openness, benevolence, working as one team, finding new ways of working, meeting our commitments with our customers, our partners and our shareholders are some of the key values shared inside and outside our company.

    We firmly believe at Thales Alenia Space that simply having a diverse workforce is not enough; we have to create an inclusive environment where everyone can contribute to their full potential regardless of origin, gender, age, sexual orientation, culture, educational background, religion, or disability. That’s the reason why Thales Alenia Space is fervently committed to providing an inclusive environment; so that each of us, within the company, can bring our whole, creative and unique selves to work every day. This is how we will continue to see around corners, drive innovation and help our customers solve their biggest challenges.

    Gender balance is one initiative we are driving across the Thales Alenia Space. Increasing the number of women - including in leadership roles and in technical domains - has become one of our company’s top priority. It will definitely contribute to the transformation of our culture and performance. Another initiative that we are strongly engaged with is the inclusion of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender people (LGBT+) in our workplace. The whole Thales Group, therefore including Thales Alenia Space, affirms its refusal of all forms of discrimination related to sexual orientation and gender identity, and its willingness to defend an inclusive model in which each person has the opportunity to find their place and to be their true self.

    We believe that the collective intelligence and the creativity of our 8000 employees in 10 different countries are our most precious resources.  We are committed to promoting and maintaining an inclusive culture that will enable all of us to be ourselves, do our best, and remain truly passionate about the place that we work.  

    Also, when you apply for a position at Thales Alenia Space, you will also have further job opportunities along your career within our organization but also within the ones of our shareholders - Thales, Leonardo - and our sister company, Telespazio.

    Smart Working is a systemic approach involving a rethink of all aspects of the ways we work, with a hybrid model of working remotely and on-site as one of its components and a way of increasing flexibility, well-being at work but also long-term performance. COVID-19 sanitary crisis has profoundly contributed to accelerating the development of new ways of working across our company.

    Adopting Smart Working was a major opportunity for Thales Alenia Space to enhance our value proposition for our customers and employees. This was especially true in the context of our digital transformation.

    We defined a number of key principles we put in place to implement Smart Working within our company:

    • Allow teams to adapt the Smart Working model to their specific situations in order to increase productivity. We have to acknowledge that there is no “one size fits all” model and that remote working doesn’t have to mean that everyone can or will always work from home. Remote working can be structured so that employees split their time between home and on-site, for example on a rotating schedule. It can include designated times for everyone to be physically present.
    • Thales Alenia Space’s hybrid model will make the most appropriate use of on-site and remote working arrangements.
    • Take into account employees’ well-being & work life balance in any decision.


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