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An immersive journey behind the creation of houses in space


An immersive journey behind the creation of houses in space

    Thales Alenia Space hosts Italian band Rovere for a special lab session

    What would it feel like to land on a new planet? Can you imagine saying goodbye to all your friends and family on Earth before you lift off to discover new worlds?

    Concept Art

    © Thales Alenia Space \ Consuelo Pecchenino

    Rovere, an emerging Italian indie-pop band, addressed these fundamental questions in the song “Astronauta”.

    For Italy’s 2022 National Space Day, Thales Alenia Space hosted a special “lab session” for Rovere to perform “Astronauta” in the production and testing areas of the Turin plant, even in the impeccable clean rooms.

    It was an immersive journey nearby the pressurized modules for the Lunar Gateway, which will allow astronauts to live in space. Rovere’s performance culminated inside the SpaceHome, a mockup that has already hosted European Space Agency staff to test what life would be like in orbit around the Moon.

    rovere band - astronauta

    It was a striking meeting between science and technology, art and music, almost like discovering life on a distant planet.

    Watch on YouTube the video of this “expedition”.

    Behind these exciting new missions to help us better understand the Universe are the people dedicated to creating new ecosystems that will allow us to reach and discover more about deep Space.

    And Thales Alenia Space is home to many of these exceptional people.