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Eco-friendly website

More eco-friendly website

Eco-friendly website

More eco-friendly website

The new Thales Alenia Space website was designed from the ground up to minimize its environmental impact.

Its technologies and characteristics reduce data consumption during browsing for more efficient energy use.

The development process started by analyzing all content and components. Based on these results, we developed a site composed of static html pages, generated only during content modification, and not during the display of the page itself. This means that the page is generated only once, which translates into significant energy savings.

Since it’s not directly connected to a content management system (CMS), the server has less data to process, further reducing consumption.

Moreover, our new site features dark display mode, which also curbs power consumption.

All data on the website is compressed and images are exported in lightweight formats, which reduces consumption during loading. The images on the site have all been compressed and it provides faster loading of web pages to reduce power consumption.

For users, navigation has been made easier, while precise texts describe all page content to facilitate searches. A number of calls-to-action (CTA) are displayed, providing clear guidance for users. Texts use search engine optimization (SEO) techniques for quicker, easier searches. Combined, these solutions all mean reduced power consumption during searching.

What’s more, the videos available on the site have not been uploaded, but are embedded from other platforms.

These are just some of the features reflecting Thales Alenia Space’s efforts to develop a more eco-friendly website and our broader commitment to the planet. Our new site will naturally be constantly updated to stay at the eco-cutting edge.