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Meet Rocío García Rubio

Project Manager at Thales Alenia Space in Spain

Meet Rocío García Rubio

Project Manager at Thales Alenia Space in Spain

    Can you please explain your job?

    I’m a Project Manager in the program office at Thales Alenia Space in Spain. Currently, I’m in charge of coordinating the different projects in which Spain is involved for the Galileo Second Generation program.

    Thales Alenia Space is prime contractor for six out of 12 satellites in the Galileo Second Generation constellation. Spain is playing a pivotal role in this endeavor. We’re in charge of the satellite communications systems, which comprise the inter-satellite links – a new feature in the second generation – and the tracking, telemetry & command subsystem. We are also responsible for the timing subsystem in the navigation payload, and will provide several key technologies for the satellites.

    Our teams in Italy, France, Spain and Belgium will leverage Thales Alenia Space’s long-standing legacy in constellations and space navigation systems, where we’ve always been a leader in Europe, to support this European flagship program. The second generation of Galileo will be more robust, reliable and cyber-secure to provide users with higher service availability than the first generation. The satellites will also be more powerful and will feature electric propulsion, a technology in which Thales Alenia Space has developed proven expertise. To ensure the success of this challenging program, the next step forward in ensuring European independence, we can call on our design capabilities as well as on digital and other advanced technologies.

    What are you most proud of in your day-to-day activity?

    I am proud when we are able to create an environment where each member of the team can give their best, where we can trust each other, where we are proud to be part of the project and where we work together to achieve the best results.

    Which event in your career have you enjoyed the most?

    I have been working at Thales Alenia Space since 1997, so there are many events, as well as shared moments with colleagues who have become personal friends.
    One of my most challenging projects was SEOSAT/INGENIO, Spain’s first optical observation satellite. At Thales Alenia Space in Spain, we were responsible for the primary payload electronics. This was one of the first subsystems delivered by our facility, and it paved the way for the creation of the optical detection department and opened new opportunities in the Earth observation market.

    Another key moment was being an expat at Thales Alenia Space in Belgium for four years, as a product line manager. Living and working in a different country opens your mind to different ways of thinking. But at the same time, since we’re working for the same company with the same procedures, it was very easy for me to adapt quickly, to become part of the team and share best practices.

    In general, I try to enjoy every project I’m involved in, and I like to face new challenges. Today, I enjoy leading our activities for an interesting project such as Galileo Second Generation, and contributing to enhance the capabilities of a constellation that delivers services to more than two billion users around the globe.

    In 3 words, what are the qualities required in your profession?

    Listening, trust and enthusiasm

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