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Meet Ana Jalón

Head of Electronics at Thales Alenia Space in Spain

Meet Ana Jalón

Head of Electronics at Thales Alenia Space in Spain

    Can you please explain your job?

    I’m currently head of electronics at Thales Alenia Space in Spain. This involves working on circuit boards for both digital and analog circuits, as well as for detectors, one of our specialties. Our team has also developed expertise in the associated power supplies. From circuit design to board layout and signal routing, this discipline is really the heart and soul of our products. In addition, we lead some projects as design authority or engineering delivery manager.

    Basically, I work with and for the team. I provide them with the resources needed to do their jobs, identify areas of improvement, and keep a close eye on requirements. At the same time, it’s my job to identify any bottlenecks and help everybody work more effectively.

    I also assist our COO in his Engineering Manager role, which gives me a cross-disciplinary and cross-border vision of Thales Alenia Space and Thales.

    What are you most proud of in your day-to-day activity?

    Ana Jalon

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    Space is an exciting market: we’re contributing to missions with a global impact that enable communications where there are no other available means, and make it possible to explore our planet, the Solar System and the Universe. Missions like Galileo that are helping us in our daily lives and in extreme situations where every minute counts to save lives. This would be enough to make us all proud of what we do, but it’s not what motivates me: what really makes me proud to be part of Thales Alenia Space is that its leadership fits with my own values.

    Think big, make it happen and together: this inspiring mindset encourages us all to work for a better world. Each of us can apply these powerful drivers in our own area of responsibility, to dare to change for the better, foster team spirit, tackle difficulties and look ahead.

    I’m also proud to be part of a company whose tagline is “Space For Life”, a vision I fully share for a better and more sustainable life on Earth.

    Which event in your career have you enjoyed the most?


    Amazonas Nexus © Thales Alenia Space/Imag[IN]

    I’ve had a lot of experiences since I joined the company 23 years ago. All of them have shaped who I am today, so it’s not easy to choose just one. I still remember in 2004 watching the Hispasat Amazonas 1 satellite launch on the news. That was the first mission I actively contributed to. I got that same feeling of achieving something really big recently at the launch of the Thales Alenia Space-built Amazonas Nexus satellite, which will provide communications services all over the Americas. Building longstanding ties with our customers is what makes the difference for me.

    In three words, what are the qualities required in your profession?

    Energy, initiative and commitment.