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Mar 23 2023
In the Spotlight

MSPO 2015 - Thalesgroup

From September 1 to 4, 2015, Thales Alenia Space is attending the MSPO International Defence Industry Exhibition in Kielce, Poland. The company’s participation in this year's show was motivated by the creation of a new Polish subsidiary in June 2015, Thales Alenia Space Polska. The 23rd MSPO exhibition gives Thales Alenia Space a new opportunity to showcase its expertise – civil, military and dual – in satellite telecommunications, Earth observation and space exploration.

Before the event, Andrzej BANASIAK, Thales Alenia Space Polska General Manager, said:

"Thales Alenia Space aims to become a lead partner in the development of Poland's space sector, and to energize and catalyze the domestic space industry, especially for defense and Earth observation applications. Our strategy is based on a five-year program to grow the country's capabilities and industrial independence. Thales Alenia Space Polska will help reshape the industrial landscape by contributing its engineering and systems integration capabilities. At the same time, Thales Alenia Space has a number of major assets to propose state-of-the-art very-high-resolution Earth observation satellites, ready now, to cover the country's immediate defense needs."