In the Spotlight

Meet Véronique Jacques de Dixmude

In the Spotlight

Meet Véronique Jacques de Dixmude

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    Could you briefly describe your job?

    The HR Partner plays an active role in implementing corporate strategy from a “human capital” perspective. Our function embodies a commitment to supporting the company’s business at both individual and team levels through tailored, innovative HR policies. Working closely with the rest of the department, HR Partners initiate and manage transformation projects aimed at improving organizational effectiveness and strengthening employee engagement.

    What part of your job are you most proud of?

    We seek to meet all local HR needs on a day-to-day basis by calling on the expertise of our colleagues specializing in selection and recruitment, training, professional development, payroll administration, extra-legal benefits, insurance, and so on. Our role is to keep the system running smoothly. And everything we do is designed to balance the company’s needs and employee fulfillment.

    I’m a strong believer in people being responsible for their own success. The way I see it, we all need to take ownership of the changes we wish to see in our lives. When I can help someone expand their horizons, develop their skills, become more self-reliant and get greater job satisfaction, that’s when I know my work is meaningful and I can be proud of what I do. And it’s all the more important given the challenges ahead. We’ve kicked off our New Space digital transformation initiative and we’re involved in several prestigious programs like Copernicus, Space Inspire and ExoMars. We’re especially proud to have recently delivered the last components for Ariane 5, drawing on more than 40 years of expertise on European launchers. We’re now moving on to the next stage in this adventure with the development of new products for Ariane 6.

    Does any event in your career to date stand out?

    In my previous job, I was in charge of international recruitment. This entailed engaging with people from all backgrounds and dealing directly with decision-makers at every level of the organization. It also helped me obtain a “helicopter view” of corporate strategy and core values, and more generally the company’s specific way of working.

    Today, I’m building on that experience here at Thales Alenia Space in Belgium. Our focus at the moment is creating a harmonious, agile and stimulating workplace that enables everyone to grow in their job. The goal is to foster enthusiasm for learning, innovating and working together for both our company’s success and that of our customers. This is part of our Space for Life corporate purpose and it’s what inspires me most!

    In a few words, what are the qualities required in your profession?

    You need to be flexible, enjoy working closely with people, be a positive thinker and care about others. As the HR interface with managers, teams and individual employees, we must ensure everyone is treated equally. Workplace wellbeing is another top priority, as well as ensuring that HR processes are consistent and in keeping with business goals. Regarding legal matters, we have to take account of specific local legal requirements and cultures to ensure everything is aligned. I see us as the “custodian” of legislation and procedures! We must constantly bear in mind that going even slightly off course could have dramatic consequences both for employees and the company as a whole: reliability and integrity are essential qualities of a good HR Partner.

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