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Thales at FIDAE 2014

Press releases

Thales at FIDAE 2014

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    • Please visit us on the stand B 64 or call to arrange a tour or a briefing.
    • International specialists will be available for demonstrations and presentations of Thales equipment and products.

    Thales, a global technology leader in the Aerospace, Transportation and Defence & Security markets, will present its latest products and technologies at the 2014 edition of FIDAE (Feria Internacional del Aire y del Espacio) on March 25-30 in Santiago, Chile. Organised every two years for over 35 years with the support of the Chilean government, FIDAE is one of the key events for defence, aerospace and security professionals in Latin America.

    Thales has been operating in Chile since 1968, mainly serving the air traffic control market, armed forces (air, land and naval), the civil aviation authority, the finance industry, the urban rail transport sector and also providing avionics equipment and service activities. With over 40 years of history in Latin America, Thales has continuously expanded its operations and has strengthened its presence in the region through a number of significant local partnerships. Thales employs about 650 people in the region and serves the aerospace, defence, security transportation and space markets.

    At FIDAE 2014, Thales will present a broad range of equipment and solutions in the following areas:

    Advanced air defence: Thales is leading the way for air defence solutions and is able to deliver a fully integrated air defence capability, from radars and C2 centres through to effectors and their respective fire control systems. Thales’s Advanced Air Defence offering is an integrated set of solutions designed to ensure timely decision-making and effective responses for the protection of military forces, key assets, nations and citizens around the globe. Thales and ThalesRaytheonSystems have developed, manufactured and supported best-in-class air defence systems for customers worldwide for more than 40 years. Over 300 air defence radars have been sold to 26 countries. Thales is also the world's leading supplier of integrated weapon systems, with more than 450 mobile, integrated systems in service with customers throughout the world. Its solutions include the STARStreak system, integrated on a wide range of armoured vehicle platforms. Thales’s innovations in open systems architecture are behind the development of the RAPID range of mobile integrated weapon systems, which combine sophisticated sensors, fire control software, latest-generation human-machine interfaces and a wide range of weapons, including missiles, guns and directed-energy weapons.

    Communications: Thales offers a broad array of communication products and solutions to provide the armed forces with the information superiority and network-centric capabilities they need. Thales offers interoperable systems and a complete range of tactical radios for all levels of command, from C2 centres to infantry in the field and for land, air and naval platforms, to meet the requirements for air-to-air, ground-to-air and surface-to-air communications. The armed forces of more than 50 countries around the world are equipped with Thales communication solutions.

    Optronics: Thales is a pioneer in optronic equipment and systems, with thousands of products in service in more than 60 countries. Working closely with its partners and end users, Thales draws on a range of advanced optronics technologies to develop imaging and image processing solutions, tailored to the precise requirements of each customer.

    Air Traffic Management: Today, Thales ranks as the leading global provider of Air Traffic Management (ATM) solutions. Thales’s mission is to contribute to the future prosperity of the civil aerospace sector by providing equipment, systems and services - both in the air and on the ground - to support air traffic controllers, airports and civil aviation authorities in meeting the challenges of growth, safety, economic and environmental performance, security and passenger comfort.

    High-Resolution Observation Satellites: Thales Alenia Space is the European leader in high-resolution optical and radar (sub-metric) payloads for military, civil or dual-use missions: intelligence gathering, target designation, meteorology, oceanography, climatology, mapping and crisis management. The world leader in space altimetry, Thales Alenia Space has been the exclusive supplier for the last 30 years of all high- and very-high-resolution optical instruments on French intelligence satellites, as well as for Italy with the dual-use COSMO-SkyMed constellation.

    Thales’s training solutions: Thales is a major training services provider serving an international customer base in the military domain as well as in the civil helicopter area. Thales works with its customers to analyse their requirements in full, and developed thorough understanding of them. Thales can design the solution that meets their operational and financial needs precisely. Thales then implements the training solution and relevant infrastructure, getting the customer’s unique training underway. Depending on the requirements, Thales’s solutions include a full range of equipment, systems and infrastructure, from basic to advanced, from standalone missions to collective operations, and for all platforms, across all domains.