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Thales Alenia Space launches the ALL-IN-ONE Earth observation solution

In the Spotlight

Thales Alenia Space launches the ALL-IN-ONE Earth observation solution

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    The perfect combination of optical and radar small satellites to provide high revisit and control for near real-time surveillance

    Surveillance space systems at the heart of governments’ national security

    The world is facing deepest changes both related to the consequences of global warming or the increase of high intensity geopolitical conflicts. Governments, defense organizations and decision makers need timely, accurate and consistent data to take appropriate decisions and build effective response strategies.

    A need for near real-time surveillance

    ALL-IN-ONE © Thales Alenia Space & © Thales Alenia Space/Master Image Programmes

    Since the mid-2010’s, we have noticed a higher demand for near real-time surveillance. Until now, space solutions have been limited in reactivity and control. On the one hand, traditional Earth Observation satellites are frequency-limited, making it difficult to perform persistent monitoring. On the other hand, data services are limited in terms of confidentiality and autonomy of operations. With the ALL-IN-ONE constellation solution, Thales Alenia Space is filling the gap. Using optical and synthetic aperture radar microsatellites, the solution combines high revisit and control for a night and day, all-weather capability. With ALL-IN-ONE, we offer a full end-to-end system including the microsatellites and their dedicated ground segment to guarantee a powerful system reactivity. This multi-mission ground segment will use artificial intelligence for optimized constellation operations, intelligent tasking and efficient data handling, integrated with digital services platforms for data-analytics and value-added services for multiple users. It leverages the digital capabilities available within the Space Alliance, including Thales Alenia Space and Telespazio (with its subsidiary e-GEOS).

    A unique track record in Earth observation systems

    View from the space of Cosmos radar satellites

    COSMO-SkyMed Second Generation ©Thales Alenia Space/Agenzia Spaziale Italiana (ASI)

    Our company has built up long-standing and unrivaled expertise in very-high-performance observation systems calling on both optical and radar sensors. Thales Alenia Space is a worldwide leader in radar missions with more than 40 years of experience and success illustrated with the most ambitious programs ever developed and deployed. As an example, we have built two generations of COSMO-SkyMed radar satellites systems for the Italian Space Agency and Ministry of Defense. Regarding optical systems, Thales Alenia Space has designed and manufactured all the Ultra-High-Resolution optical payloads ordered by the French MoD and provided Very High-Resolution optical satellites and payloads for different non-European MoDs in service today. As an example, we supplied one-of-a-kind optical instruments for Helios, Pleiades and CSO French intelligence satellites.

    Earth optical consolation

    BlackSky © Thales Alenia Space

    In the late 2010’s, we have created a US-based joint venture with BlackSky called Leostella. LeoStella’s expertise is in optical satellites, as the primary manufacturer for BlackSky, an Earth observation constellation including dozens of optical satellites. This system offers submetric imagery, low latency and high revisit. In 2018, we were also chosen by South Korea to build four synthetic aperture radar observation satellites.


    Earth observation constellation for the Indonesian MoD © Thales Alenia Space

    In March 2023, Thales Alenia Space signed contracts with the European Space Agency to supply six radar and one optical microsatellites for Italy’s future Earth observation constellation, ‘IRIDE’. More recently, our company was awarded a contract by PT Len Industri to build a state-of-the-art constellation dedicated to the Indonesian Ministry of Defence. The Indonesian constellation is based on ALL-IN-ONE’s combined radar and optical solution, offering high-performance night and day surveillance in all weathers.

    An ALL-IN-ONE constellation relying on a longstanding legacy and advanced technologies


    ALL-IN-ONE © Thales Alenia Space

    Launching a new solution is the result of several decades of experience. Leveraging its expertise, Thales Alenia Space offers the ALL-IN-ONE constellation system, combining the best of our radar and optical sensors to ensure the highest level of reliability and performance.

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