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New satellite agreement to strengthen strategic partnership between France and Mongolia

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New satellite agreement to strengthen strategic partnership between France and Mongolia

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    • President of Mongolia Ukhnaagiin Khürelsükh undertaking a state visit to France this week
    • Agreement reached with Thales Alenia Space to construct a Mongolian national satellite telecommunications system

    Ulaanbaatar, 13th October 2023 A landmark agreement to construct a Mongolian national satellite telecommunications system has been reached which will strengthen the strategic partnership between Mongolia and France and boost connectivity for all Mongolians.

    The partnership agreement between Thales Alenia Space, a major European satellite specialist, and the Mongolia Ministry of Digital Development and Communications, has been signed today in the presence of the President of Mongolia, H.E. Mr Ukhnaagiin Khürelsükh and the President of France, Mr Emmanuel Macron, during the Mongolian President’s state visit to France.

    Thales Alenia Space will be responsible for construction of a high-performance Ku Band satellite, to be named “Chinggis Sat” after Mongolia’s national hero Chinggis Khan. Once launched, the satellite will make high-speed internet available throughout Mongolia, including to those in rural areas and underserved nomadic communities, enabling easier and wider access to services such as telemedicine, e-learning, e-government services and supporting the growth of high value add sectors of the economy.


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    Mongolian Minister for Digital Development and Communications Uchral Nyam-Osor commented, “This project is an important next step towards Mongolia’s digital transformation and development of a digital economy. It will transform the way people living across our vast country access the internet and support access to the vital services they need. We are pleased to have a partner with the expertise and capabilities of Thales Alena Space, and look forward to working with them on a project that will deliver significant benefits to all Mongolians.”

    Hervé Derrey, CEO of Thales Alenia Space, said, “It is a privilege for Thales Alenia Space to have been selected by the Ministry of Digital Development and Communications of Mongolia for providing its national satellite. We believe the project will be a key asset to bridge the digital divide, a strong vector of economic growth as well as a precious tool for sovereignty. We are also thrilled to embark into this long-term cooperation with Mongolia and support the country develop its space capabilities and services for the benefit of all its citizens”.

    Additional details on the agreement and the technical specifications of the satellite can be found in the Notes to editors.

    This landmark agreement follows the successful visit of President Macron to Mongolia in May – the first state visit by a French President to Mongolia – where both countries agreed to upgrade their relationship to the status of a strategic partnership and published a Joint Declaration which included commitments to strengthen bi-lateral ties in areas including geology, renewable energy, healthcare, education and the environment.

    President Khürelsükh’s visit this week will also see a number of major events centred on the promotion of Mongolia’s unique heritage and culture, including the opening of the new exhibition “Chinggis Khaan: How Mongols changed the world” at the Nantes History Museum.

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    The Mongolian Minister for Digital Development and Communications Uchral Nyam-Osor is available for interview in-person in France or via Zoom.

    Please contact Michael Dowsett on or on +44 (0) 7539 324 008 to request access to the signing ceremony or receive any further information.

    Notes to editors

    Agreement with Thales Alenia Space

    This very high-performance Ku Band satellite, to be named Chinggis Sat after the national hero Chinggis Khan, is to be positioned at the 113.6° E orbital slot reserved for Mongolia by ITU. It will be based on the space-proven, cutting-edge SpaceBus 4000 solution developed by Thales Alenia Space and perfectly fitting national applications.

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