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Mar 23 2023
In the Spotlight

SpaceBus NEO - Thalesgroup

Watch the Spacebus NEO video:

All-electric Spacebus NEO!

Spacebus NEO is Thales Alenia Space's new family of platforms for geostationary telecom satellites. It will be available in different versions, one with all-electric propulsion.

A wide variety of configurations

These new platforms will be available in a range of versions for all types of geostationary satellites, from small to extra-large. Operators can choose the configuration that matches their needs, from all-electric to all-chemical propulsion, as well as hybrid models. Starting in 2016, they will be ready to handle payloads up to 2 metric tons, with onboard power up to 20 kW.

All-electric version

The all-electric Spacebus NEO will be commercialized starting in mid-2015. It can handle payloads exceeding 1,400 kg, with more than 16 kW of power.