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Thales Alenia Space @ TurkmenTEL 2018

In the Spotlight

Thales Alenia Space @ TurkmenTEL 2018

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    Thales Alenia Space is taking part in TurkmenTEL 2018, the 11th international conference on telecommunications, telemetry, information technologies and broadcasting equipment. The event, which takes place in Turkmenistan on October 10 & 11, brings together key players in these sectors and offers a prime opportunity to meet delegations from Turkmenistan and Central Asia. Thales Alenia Space will be showcasing its solutions for Earth Observation and high-speed satellite Internet access, along with the TürkmenÄlem52E success-story.

    About TürkmenÄlem52E

    TürkmenÄlem52E naturally figures in many conversations at TurkmenTEL. Built by Thales Alenia Space for Turkmenistan’s telecoms ministry, TürkmenÄlem52E has been operating in geostationary orbit since June 2015. The satellite enabled Turkmenistan to deploy its first telecommunications satellite with nationwide coverage, providing enhanced, secure communications resources for the country.

    TürkmenÄlem52E, a satellite with an impressive list of firsts

    • The satellite was launched in April 2015 aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 launcher. This was the first launch for SpaceX and its payload was a Thales Alenia Space satellite.
    • TürkmenÄlem52E is the first telecommunications satellite built by Thales Alenia Space to be orbited with TWTA flexible amplifiers, meaning they offer adjustable output power.
    • TürkmenÄlem52E was also the first Thales Alenia Space telecoms satellite produced using additive manufacturing technology. Today, all the telecoms satellites that leave our clean rooms include 3D printed components.

    A complete range of earth observation solutions

    From information gathering and maritime surveillance to mapping and crisis management, space-based resources allow users – governments in particular – to deploy a host of surveillance and monitoring applications that help guarantee their security and sovereignty. Many countries have expressed interest in acquiring space systems able to independently provide high-accuracy information images. Capitalizing on 30-plus years of proven expertise, Thales Alenia Space – the only European manufacturer with dual expertise in very-high-resolution optical and radar instruments – offers a comprehensive range of earth observations solutions to meet key needs identified in this market.

    Telecom satellites for high-speed Internet access

    Thales Alenia Space is also an uncontested leader in the market for telecommunications satellites for deployment of high-speed Internet service. This top-tier position has been confirmed by recent orders awarded to Thales Alenia Space by SES, Eutelsat and Inmarsat, among others. Innovative solutions from Thales Alenia Space for flexible digital payloads are particularly well-adapted to addressing the issue of the digital divide that continues to exist in Central Asia.

    Artistic views: © Thales Alenia Space/Briot
    Photo: © Thales Alenia Space/Imag[IN]