In the Spotlight

Thales Alenia Space took part in two regattas in a row

In the Spotlight

Thales Alenia Space took part in two regattas in a row

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    From the coasts of Brest (France) to those of Lavrio (Greece), 8 Thales Alenia Space crews took part, within a few days of each other, in two regattas: the Inter-Thales competition and the 42nd edition of the Ariane's Cup. Here's a look back at these 2 nautical events!

    Inter-Thales under the Breton sun


    The 29th edition of the Inter-Thales, organized this year by Thales DMS (Defence Mission Systems), set sail from Brest harbor. From September 28 to October 1, the regatta brought together 41 boats, representing all Thales entities... 300 Thales sailors took part in this extraordinary adventure.

    3 Thales Alenia Space crews took part in the competition. This 29th edition was a stunning event, where the sun shone despite strong tidal coefficients that gave our 300 sailors a bit of a challenge.

    Looking forward to the next edition, which this time will take place in Marseille under the aegis of Thales DIS (Digital Identity and Security).

    Ariane's Cup under Poseidon's gaze


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    Bringing together 600 people, the competition began in the port of Lavrio, 60 kilometers from Athens. From October 8 to 10, 70 boats, representing companies from Europe’s space sector, bravely faced up to the brutal alternation of strong winds and flat calm typical of the Aegean Sea, which made the navigation strategy particularly complex. But crossing a finish line at the end of Cape Sounion overlooking the Temple of Poseidon will be remembered for a long time.

    Thales Alenia Space was represented by 5 boats with crews from France (two teams from Cannes and one from Toulouse), Italy (Rome) and Switzerland (Zurich). For the first time, we formed a 100% women’s team, which sailed under the Space Mermaids banner.

    For aficionados, here are the results of the Thales Alenia Space crews:

    • Toulouse, France: 18th place
    • Zurich, Switzerland: 23rd
    • Rome, Italy: 34th
    • Cannes, France - The Space Mermaid Boat: 35th
    • Cannes, France - 2nd boat: 56th

    Well done to all the competitors and a big thank you to the Thales Alenia Space's sailing sections for their support.