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Euclid: Thales Alenia Space team awarded by ESA

In the Spotlight

Euclid: Thales Alenia Space team awarded by ESA

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    Everybody is already dreaming of Euclid’s next pictures of our Universe, its galaxies and stars.

    This morning, we were delighted to celebrate and unveil a few of the “stars” behind the mission.

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    © Thales Alenia Space

    Indeed, the European Space Agency represented by Mission’s Project Manager Giuseppe Racca awarded Thales Alenia Space’s Euclid team for the remarkable work done all over these years to support the development of such a technological jewel.

    “This achievement is particularly meaningful to us. It reflects our capability to be reliable partners for national and international space agencies in the development of scientific missions. I am very proud of the team behind this success and of the unique expertise put in place to accompany Euclid from the Earth to the cosmos” said Paolo Musi, Euclid Program Manager for Thales Alenia Space.

    Thales Alenia Space team, including people from Italy, France, Spain and Belgium, has been on duty for more than 10 years to lead Euclid program successfully, working as program prime contractor, alongside the European Space Agency and with more than 80 partners.

    “Behind such an incredible mission, made of outstanding technology, there is the passion and the dedication of women and men with a purpose. Over the last few years and months, we have had the privilege of telling the public what goes on behind the scenes in the development of Euclid’s instruments, showing how things that might seem so remote and mysterious can turn out to be closer than we ever thought.” said Nicola Peverati, Communication Manager for Thales Alenia Space in Turin.


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    The astonishing first pictures, unveiled a few weeks ago, have already introduced the potential and the beauty of upcoming discoveries.

    On this pleasant occasion, Giuseppe Racca took the opportunity to present the scientists' goals as well as the mission’s next steps to the enthusiastic audience. Euclid is just at the beginning of its journey to discover the wonders of our Universe, surely helping us better understand its structure and the mysteries of dark matters.

    We will all stay tuned! #GoEuclid

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