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All-electric Spacebus NEO!

In the Spotlight

All-electric Spacebus NEO!

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    The Spacebus family expands with Spacebus NEO!

    Spacebus NEO is Thales Alenia Space's new line of platforms for geostationary telecommunications satellites. It will be available in different versions, including one with all-electric propulsion.

    A wide variety of configurations

    New platforms will be available in a wide variety of versions for all types of geostationary satellites, from the smallest to extra-large. Operators can choose the configuration that best meets their needs, from all-electric, to hybrid, to all-chemical propulsion. Available in 2016, they will be able to handle payloads of up to 2,000 kg, with onboard power up to 20 kW.

    All-electric version

    The all-electric Spacebus NEO is already being marketed. It is able to handle payloads exceeding 1,400 kg, with over 16 kW of power.

    Spacebus NEO quote

    Lighter, robust, modular and powerful, our Spacebus NEO platforms perfectly meet operator expectations for competitiveness, flexibility and multi-launcher compatibility- Bertrand Maureau, Vice President, Telecommunications, Thales Alenia Space

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